The Central Library of SB Arts and KCP Science College was established in the year 1945 with 1900 volumes of books in a small room of area 44×84 sq. ft with 150 students.  The primary mission of the library is to support teaching – learning and research programme. 


Central Library Working Hours



Working  Hours

Working day

7-30 am to 5-30 pm


9-00  am  to 2-00  pm

Before Exam And during Exam days

7-30 am to 8-30 pm


 Central Library Collection

  • Books

§  Books                                                                            84235

MRP                                                                          1153

UGC                                                                        13931

§  Total Titles                                                                     44875

§  Gift books                                                                        1055    


  • Journals

§  Current Journals                                                             42

§  Back volumes                                                                166


  • N-List Consortium resources

§  Books                                                        97000

§  Journals                                                      6000


  • DELNET consortia resources                                                                                       


  • CD-ROMS                                              495


  • Newspapers                                         14
English 05
Kannada 07
Hindi 01
Marathi 01



  • Periodicals                                         36
English 15
Kannada 20
Marathi 01



Library Staff: 


Sl. No.

Name of the Staff




Smt. Manjula

B.Com, M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil.. K-SET (Ph.D.)

Sr. Librarian


Smt. Savita Kanakaraddi

B.A., M.L.I.Sc

Asst. Librarian


Smt. Kavita Nari

B.A., M.L.I.Sc

Library Assistant


Sri. J K Jiddimani

C. Lib

Library Assistant


Sri. Praveen Kottennavar


Library Clerk Cum Com Operator


Sri. S M Vastrad


Library Attainder


Sri. Eranna Kantennavar


Library Attainder


Sri. Srikanth Badiger


Library Attainder


Sri.Yamunappa Shivanigi




Smt. Savithri Bendigeri



 ICT Facilities

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has impacted on every sphere of library activity especially in the form of the library collection development strategies, library infrastructure and consortia. ICT presents an opportunity to provide value-added information services and access to a wide variety of digital based information resources to their clients.

The Central Library established E-library with the following ICT facilities,

  • 25 work stations. 
  • 15MBPS lease line internet connection
  • Campus Wi-Fi
  • Automated Check in and Check out
  • E-learning Management on Moodle server
  • Network printing and Scanning
  • E-Lib Library Management Software
  • 7.5 KV UPS back up


Faculty and students are allowed to use the digital library free of cost, can get unlimited academic information downloads.  Printer and scanner are installed in the Central Library.

The Central Library is using E-Lib library management software for library housekeeping operations with the modules, acquisition, catalogue, circulation, automated check in and checkout, serial control and Web OPAC. 

Users can access library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) through internet to check the Central Library holdings and physical availability of information resources.


                            Central Library Services

The library service provides a full range of research and information services to support all the learning and research activities of the college. The following are the Central Library services.

  •     Circulation
  •     Current Awareness Services   (CAS)
  •     Literature Search
  •     Compilation of bibliography on request
  •     Reprography Service
  •     Referral Service
  •     Indexing Services
  •     Scanning
  •     Printing
  •     Additional books circulation to SC/ST students
  •     Unlimited download facility for academic content


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